Tuesday, May 12, 2015

win 5-0 and there is nothing to see here

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every now and then i will do a post about that sport that i love above all others - cricket. credit or condemn that as you will to some early formative years in Australia, a place where there is cricket and then there is everything else which needs doing when there is no cricket on.

today was a pretty big day for the realm of English cricket. Andrew Strauss, bewilderingly now England's "director of cricket" (the last i heard was that his ambition was to stand as a Conservative candidate to become an MP), has announced that there is no return for Kevin Pietersen. the door to his being selected again has been firmly closed, despite Kevin Pietersen doing not just what was asked of him to win his place back but considerably more.

it's interesting that Strauss cited "trust issues" as being the reason for Kevin Pietersen having his career finished. i am sure there are trust issues, but not quite how Strauss paints it.

beyond the news of Pietersen not being selected ever again somehow being leaked to the media before he was told, there was this gem of an incident.

yes, i would be fairly certain that the above is the only time that someone has used that word on television and gone on to become the director of the sport he was ostensibly commenting on.

Strauss was of course rather referring to the time Pietersen sent text messages to, arguably the single biggest dickhead ever to play cricket, Graeme Smith. text messages that Pietersen was quite in the wrong to do. be friends with whoever you want off the pitch - especially your opponents in the gentleman's game of cricket. but when you are actually in the middle of a Test against them, i don't think so.

there are already acres of text about this matter across the internet, and many acres more to come. i will try and be as quick as i can, then. Andrew Strauss needs to be proved right in this decision. for that to happen, best England beat Australia in the Ashes 5-0 this year. when you select a team - any team - it's really as simple as selecting players you believe would be capable of beating the opponents comprehensively. i, and many others, would consider Kevin Pietersen a player that could be part of such a team.

the Australians call Kevin Pietersen FIG JAM, as in "f*** i'm good, just ask me". what many forget is that this is intended as something of a compliment. many Australians have pointed out what a good cricketer he is, and very few non-Australians ever get that accolade from an Australian.

i hope, for the sake of the England cricket side, that Strauss has this right and we go ahead and win the Ashes 5-0. that said, it will be interesting to see what happens if, by chance, Australia win the first two Tests within 3 days.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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