Monday, May 04, 2015

the 4th may be with you, always

hello there

oh yes, i am indeed doing something as predictable, but hopefully not as pedestrian, as a Star Wars related post on the day that is considered to be Star Wars day. i understand it would be trendy and hip to do something about Star Trek instead, but i am not doing it.

i've had these things for a while, but i felt that it was worth holding off putting them here for you to see, look you see, until today. and why not, as David St Hubbins would say, and why not.

whenever Mum & Dad get their hands on some Star Wars related items, via the conduit of their commerce with the magnificent Old Grumpy's Gallery, they kindly forward it on to me. whatever trivial or flippant comments i make here from time to time, it is well known that i really, really love all things Star Wars, even if i am somewhat hesitant to get all that excited about the new Episode VII : Mission To Moscow film.

speaking of people not getting excited about a Star Wars film, one of the books forwarded on was a celebration of all things The Phantom Menace; a film likely to incur the wrath and venom of the more rabid fanboys at but the mention of it.

i get that a lot of people didn't like it. that's fine, it would be terribly dull and a bit 70s if everyone all liked the same films. what i don't get, though, is the sense of entitlement some of the more vocal fanboys have.

declaring that The Phantom Menace shouldn't have been made, or that George Lucas should have rather consulted on the script with some 40+ year old virgin living in a basement in Wisconsin or Wyoming as they "obviously had a better understanding and much better ideas about Star Wars" was, is and always will be one of the most flashy displays of entitlement and patronization ever. a great many people - in particular kids, the target audience - really love the film The Phantom Menace. they do not care how many limited edition Lobot toys you have; they do not recognise that as giving you a sense of authority.

undoubtedly the fanboys are all getting ready to unleash the failings of their own lives as hatred towards the new films, no matter how they turn out, so let's leave them aside and instead just enjoy a few images from the class books that Mum & Dad sent me.

what books did i get exactly? a 2005 edition photo screenplay of The Empire Strikes Back, an of the time, 1983 collector's thing off of Return Of The Jedi, and the previously highlighted Episode I book, called, as i think you can see, I Am A Jedi.

does my by default favourite,  Boba Fett, feature much in these books? why yes of course, although for the most part they do not seem to suggest he is a particularly major character in the films.

actually a pretty comprehensive biography of him features in the Empire Strikes Back one, substantiated by the  background details provided in the film Episode II : Attack OF The Clones. actually, a bit of a bio of all the bounty hunters off of Empire StrikeS Back features.

out of all of them, it's a bit of a wonder that Boba Fett grew so popular. Bossk looks absolutely awesome, for a start, and IG-88 could have provided many comical moments. but no, it is Boba Fett that has endured over the years.

going back, or indeed forward, to the new Star Wars films, everyone is all really excited about the fact that Han, Leia, Luke and Chewie are to return, although of course Chewie was in the prequels. there has been no mention, no noise and no demand, however, about the return of Lando. 

is he going to feature? don't know. if so, they are keeping it as a surprise thing. although, that said, Billy Dee Williams was at that "Celebration' thing where they revealed another trailer for it. Lando was a really smart, class character, especially in that stylish blue outfit he had on the go in Empire strikes Back. bonus if he is back in it all, then. what of the squid thing, this Ackbar? i am indifferent.

thanks again to Mum & Dad for these smart books. hopefully these images have been of some interest to some of you. enjoy your Star Wars day!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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