Thursday, March 28, 2013

trying out the fake Double Down

hi there

well, despite my valid complaints earlier in the week about how we have been f***** over here with a fake version of the excellent Double Down from KFC, i did mention it would be inevitable that i would try one. that is exactly what happened today. Trigger and i felt an obligation to give it a go, as you would expect, and so we did give it a go.

first impression? wow, that looks very small compared to how they sell it in the rest of the world.

and indeed rather on the small side of things it is, really, as the next picture reveals. the rest of the world have this massive thing, we seem to have ended up with something just over half the size. 

taste-wise, it's actually rather good. the "chicken slice" (and not tomato as i originally thought it was) stuck in to replace the bacon is not bad, but with the cheese all over, all you really do is imagine just what a crowning moment of excellence this would be with bacon in it. a very bad, nay stupid, decision of KFC to sell it here without bacon. i can only guess they think we are all stupid and don't know how to use the internet to see how this looks in the rest of the world.

would i have another one again?well, i would like to, even this poor inferior fake one. however, it is unlikely i will purchase again. the reason is cost - it costs more than a 3 piece chicken dinner from them, and just marginally less than an awesome 5 piece chicken dinner. cost wouldn't be a factor if it were the genuine, correct size, proper ingredient Double Down, but this is a lazy, poor fake as i think you have heard me say more than once.

the sad thing is that if this was the proper thing, with bacon in it, i would probably instruct Trigger that we were having this every day right up until our arteries said "no more". perhaps for our health not an entirely bad thing that they've decided to unleash an expensive fake version of the Double Down at KFC South Africa, then, but disappointing that KFC think so little of their rather loyal customers.

hey ho.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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