Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jonathan Granville vs U2

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well, right now you should be reading some mystical, fanciful story about Jonathan Granville and something to do with Phil Collins in respect of another cover version. the truth, alas, is a good deal more harsh, and instead i have had to make up a story about Larry Mullen Junior and his Jazz Band. it is of course possible that U2 have a lawyer on their books called Phil Collins, but i am not aware of such an employee.

as you are aware, the multi-talented Jonathan Granville is presently embarking on an ambitious project to re-imagine classic songs in his own style. thus far he has decided that "classic" means "must involve Phil Collins in some capacity", but never mind that.

 his latest effort was a go at Who's Going To Ride Your Wild Horses? by that celebrated 75% Irish, 25% cockney super band U2. i had absolutely no idea that it had any sort of Phil Collins to it, but i guess it must have somewhere. anyway, the rather more enthusiastic reader will have notice the italics thing on the 'was' in the opening sentence.

i could give you a link to the cover version, but sadly this is all you will see.

yes, that's right. it has been removed, ladies and gentlemen. why? well, Jonathan is trying to cover for the more vain elements of U2 by saying he is at fault and that he "only" uploaded the piano track by mistake. i think we know the truth.

artists are, of course, quite entitled, indeed encouraged, to protect their work. however, the idea of Larry Mullen Jnr (or whoever, that Adam Clayton one i suppose) getting instant legal action and having a cover of a song removed just because Jonathan's piano is better than the bit of snare or whatever he did on the record is just plain silly. childish, even.

U2 are a band that can not only sell out stadiums anywhere in the world, but can also prop up the entire Norwegian banking system via "tax management" and arrange, as it were, for a new Pope to be installed as and when the incumbent one displeases Bono. and now they are running scared of a cover version of one of their songs by a mate of mine? it is not Jonathan Granville's fault that No Line On The Horizon was rubbish and didn't sell well, it's just petty for them to pick on him.

to Bono, Larry, Adam and the cockney, i say grow up. stop it with your "unauthorized cover" nonsense and stop holding Jonathan responsible for your albums being bad; he didn't make you twat around with a Spider Man stage play when you should have been writing proper songs, you just got all excited when he mentioned in passing that he "might" go and see a play based on a comic "if the tickets were cheap".

oh, right. it turns out that Jonathan had taken it down himself to put the proper version on the internet. just ignore most of the above and click on these words right here to hear his magnificent cover of the song.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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