Wednesday, March 20, 2013

David Bowie to play concerts in April 2013?

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the surprise return of David Bowie to the world of music this year has delivered an above average, really good album in the shape of The Next Day. this in itself, however, seems to be not enough for a number of fans. a lot have been hoping for a return of the great one to the stage, too.

given the major health scare he experienced toward the end of the Reality tour, i always thought David returning to the stage, at least for a tour or series of appearances, was unlikely. then again, i also thought that it was unlikely we would hear any new music for him, save perhaps a soundtrack for a Duncan Jones film at some point.

it would seem that those wishing to see David live may well be about to have their wish granted. as far as i can work out from a post on the David Bowie Wonderworld forum, some sort of press conference is planned for today, 20 March 2013, where a series of concerts will be announced.

here is the information posted in full, you can decide how credible it is.

Bowie is pre-booked to play a series of shows between the 15th and 20th April 2013 at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Also, there seems to be some kind of Press Conference scheduled for this coming Wednesday, possibly to announce the shows.

Now as I say, these are JUST RUMOURS at the moment, but if you check the Royal Albert Hall page for April, it's booked solid except for these five nights. Tony Visconti is in London the following week. It looks to me like there's a pattern forming here.

I've got the feelers out in NYC but won't get any official Yay or Ney until Wednesday which is when the press conference is supposed to be scheduled for but if this is true, then people will know about it before I do!

Finally, I'll let the cat out the bag. I was told over two weeks ago that Bowie and the band were currently rehearsing for a 'few select European shows'.

That bit ISN'T a rumour, that's dead gen. That's why I was emphasising no tour in my replies to people.

do i think the above is legit? i would be highly surprised if he didn't pop up at a festival or two if he is of a mind to perform live, so the last part i would say yes. it's a bit of a no-brainer, really, playing a festival - get paid lots to perform, minimal costs to the artist as the festival organizers set it up, a stack of exposure.

playing the Royal Albert Hall for 5 nights would be interesting. considering a full blown tour is "unlikely", 5 nights in a row seems rather daunting too. if he were to do that kind of show, strange that he's not doing that O2 place, which he could sell out with ease with a much bigger capacity.

as a London (innit) boy it's an obvious place for him to perform, but as he's been more or less at home in New York for a decade and then some, strange that he hasn't - as far as rumours go - set up a concert date closer to home.

if all of this is true, then fantastic, and i hope the venue or venues are filled mostly with people who have not had the chance to see him before. we will see as and when this press conference happens, i guess!

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