Sunday, March 10, 2013

NME says this CD does not exist.....

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it's always disappointing when established magazines and newspapers make glaring errors. today it seems it is the turn of NME, which for better or worse i still love, to disappoint. over on their webpage thingie they've done an article on 'Disappointing Supergroups' and have included the group Freebass on the list.

the band consisted of three of the finest bass players in the world, let alone just from Manchester or if you will 'Madchester'. fair enough in that they were not to the tastes of all, but i note a mistake in their brief bio of the band :

did you spot the error? it's the bit that says Freebass acrimoniously split without releasing a single thumb-slap. oh really? what's this, then?

the above and below, ladies and gentlemen, are pictures (obviously) of my copy of the Freebass album, It's A Beautiful Life. far be it from me to question the world of what does and does not constitute a release in the world of NME, but surely some would consider this a "release" of sorts?

yes, the band did split up in rather unhappy circumstances (Hook had lots of rude things to say as usual), but the album still got released. oddly, it was released on the Monday after the Friday or Saturday that Hook went off on one and ended the band.

is it any good, or is it as disappointing a group as NME suggest? well, somewhere in the middle is the answer. whereas i rather like the album, it took me by surprise as it is not the festival of bass i was expecting. the best way to describe the sound is as it being a sort of "middle of the road" variant of the Manchester sound of the early 90s. no bad thing at all, just not what i was expecting.

if you happen to be all that zealous a fan of either The Stone Roses, Primal Scream, New Order, Joy Division or The Smiths, then you may well have it as a consequence of wanting to own all that every member of those bands released. you can pick it up for around  £5.00 plus postage off amazon marketplace either new or used, and i would dare say that for a fan of any of the musicians in the group it is a fiver well spent.

better luck next time with the research, NME!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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