Wednesday, March 20, 2013


hi there

well, as i prefer to be in the business of honesty here, yes this is sort of a promotional post, be it one that was neither requested, solicited or paid for. yep, when you see the name of the proprietor, it is someone who is in all likelihood distantly related to me. and no, as this product is available in America only (at this stage), i have no first hand experience of it.

with that cleared up, if you are offended for some reason by a blog post of this nature, please move along, hopefully in the direction of my usual ramblings. i do hope, however, that you carry on reading.

i have no wish to give a sense of the theatrical about this, but it has to be said that the people of North America do tend to experience a number of major disasters, either by the whim of nature or the hand of man. far too many people suffer injuries that go untreated, or even sadly die, when these things happen, all for the want of some basic and straightforward emergency equipment. if disaster cannot always be avoided then suffering too much in such a case can, which is where Mombies comes in to the picture. i am looking at the web page, which you can also look at by clicking these words, and i am seeing all you could need to help in a time of distress loaded into one very easy to grab bag.

as the name implies, this kit is aimed at women, but in a sensible way. no one is saying "the fairer sex can't look after themselves, they need men to do it". it's just that women and children frequently find themselves alone and without equipment that could present them with much needed help.down here where we are this would be a fantastic thing to have in the car - i know i would be happy if my (considerably) better half had one in her boot.

the web page, and here's the link again, will give you a much better idea of what is in the bag, and importantly guides on how to use it, than i could give you here, but here's a look at the bag itself.

i wish the team behind Mombies the very best of luck - it's the kind of thing you want to own and never need, rather than need and never own.

thank you for taking the time to read this and, if you are in an area where one can buy it, i do hope you consider purchasing.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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