Saturday, March 23, 2013

Forklift Truck Simulator

hi there

a friend of mine (cheers Dan) recently posted a pic up over on that book of faces. it was a picture of some games he found in one of them sales bins at a shop where they do the computers and that.i must say he discovered quite an interesting range of games!

Forklift Simulator looks like the best of the lot. i have often found myself, in the quieter moments of an evening, wishing that i was able to just switch on a machine and live the dream of moving boxes around in a forklift. at 97p i hope that someone bought it, as looking at this link over here it usually costs £24.99. for that kind of money i wonder if it wouldn't be better to just go and get a job as a forklift driver and be paid for it, to be honest.

Oil Platform Simulator, which also seems to usually cost £24.99 (Traffic Manager for people on a budget would usually cost you a mere £9.99), could be quite class, only the description seems to suggest that you can't go around starting fires on oil rigs for the hell of it.

just how it is that a company can have a name as class as Excalibur Publishing and yet release games involving directing traffic in many respects illustrates what's wrong with the modern world.

you all have lots of fun if you buy any of the above!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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