Monday, March 25, 2013

lawyers, beach hops, Billy Gibbons, dolphins, mid-life crises and birds

hi there

a fair few of you, i know, rather like tales of the seemingly perpetual mid-life 'crisis' my Dad is presently embarked upon. i am not sure that 'crisis' is the right word, really, as it seems to be a spectacular success thus far. when did it all start for him? as far as we, his humble children, can work out, it was around about the time that at one stage all of us were living in our own places. bereft of people to moan and whine at about a variety of things we did in good faith, he appeared to fill the free time on his hands with all sorts of interesting things. for a start, as soon as the last of the three of us were out of the door, in came the satellite tv we asked for. then of course came along the idea of "building things", the details of which you will find in the last 5 or so years of posts here.

recently i had reason to speak to a professional that could not sign the praises of my father enough. knowing how this professional's encounter with my Dad went from my Dad's point of view i was rather suprised to learn this. apparently, my Dad had handed him "tens of thousands" in any currency you like worth of market research and data. the chap i spoke to said that there was no way on earth or any other planet he could have hoped to get the information provided by my Dad. as it happens, my Dad just produced all of it just to argue and shout at people with. or "discuss", if you like.

in the present day, of course, he does his oddities in the tranquil setting of New Zealand, where the fine people seem to really like his multicoloured shoes and for the most part take his abrupt and rather direct way of speaking to people as being rather quaint. his being to all intents and purposes embraced by the people of New Zealand saw him go to something called a "beach hop" recently. as far as i can work out, that involves some classic (mostly American) cars and some rock and roll music.

to that end, Billy Gibbons out of ZZ Top was there. that's quite smart that is, me and my chum Spiros saw ZZ Top a few years ago and it was an ace gig. sadly Dad was not all that impressed by Billy Gibbons, or at least i assume he was not, for i have not been sent a picture of him. instead i have been sent one of this anonymous chap, and even then not sent it because of him. have a look and see if you can spot what impressed my Dad with the below image, and a bonus point if you can guess what he did next.

spot it? yes, that's right, it's a sign for a business called "Gay Lawyers" in the background that caught my Dad's fancy. full worthy of a boyish, childish giggle, i shall give it that, but full marks for what my Dad has done with this picture.

what has he done? well, he's forwarded to several of his "legal representatives" around the world, asking if they have ever considered such a specialist market and suggested that they change their name to something similar. now, whereas i have a limited legal knowledge, as far as i am aware lawyers are not usually celebrated for their sense of humour or witty ways. except that one that did the thing with the gloves at the OJ Simpson trial, i suppose. anyway, i am fully expecting him to be complaining soon that his "legal representatives" have billed him for taking the time to look at his picture and read his comments.

when not on the hop at the beach, Dad took himself off on a 10 hour "dolphin, shark and whale" cruise. well, presumably Mum sent him off on it, but you know what i mean. i would speculate that the idea of a "dolphin, shark and whale" cruise would be for one to see dolphins, sharks and the odd whale. here's a look at what Dad thought would be the best kind of picture to send from such a cruise.

yes, that is indeed an albatross, the kind of which - albatross flavour - that one can buy at Monty Python shows. the kind which Fleetwood Mac once wrote a song about. the kind of albatross which, no matter how hard it tries, is not a shark, dolphin or a whale. it does not, so far as i know, even live underwater. imagine if they built a real life Jurassic Park and someone brought you back a picture of a goldfish they saw there. how impressed would you be?

there is not a great deal else i can say except many, many thanks indeed Dad for sending these on and, for everyone else, do not worry - no doubt yet more pictures of this sort of thing will be sent my way in the near future. i will do my best to post them here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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