Tuesday, March 05, 2013

is this Geoffrey Boycott's greatest ever article about Geoffrey Boycott?

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please do not get me wrong, let me make clear up front. like any true cricket lover, Mr Boycott is surely one of the all time greats, and is indeed in a select band of perhaps ten who could claim to be the greatest. my vote in that regard will, of course, always go to the legend that is Ian Botham, but it's not for me to argue with those who would rather vote for Geoffrey.

with his immense talent and rightly celebrated performances, there has always been what some would call a good deal of arrogance about Mr Boycott. an arrogance earned, i would say. if you've actually got up and done it and you want to let all and sundry know, well then why not, if that is what works for you?

every now and then, though, Mr Boycott's arrogance, or if you will "celebrations of Geoffrey Boycott" tend to go a bit too far for even the most tolerant or understanding of us. an example of that would be his article appearing on the Daily Telegraph web page thing today. this byline for it made me truly laugh out loud.

every single thing you need to know of the whole article is right there in that leader for the story, but if you wish to read even more about how one day Joe Root might one day be as good as Geoffrey Boycott according to Geoffrey Boycott, do by all means click here to go to the page.

long may Mr Boycott carry on writing articles such as this. having him celebrate all that he did in the game is a fine thing to read, and in a worst case it's a small price to pay for getting his insights into both the game and the England side.

happy reading!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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