Monday, March 18, 2013


hi there

whoops, this is a week or two old, but i suppose as this blog could be read several years from now it does not really matter. anyone coming here for fresh, hot off the press (or internet equivalent of "press") seriously needs to take a google training course anyway. not that you are not all very welcome, you are.

a little while ago, as i suspect you established from the opening comment, we noticed some water running with the freedom of, erm, water. not all that unusual, except it was running freely from the joint of a pipe, if you will with the pipe being the prison that curtails the freedom of water. not that the water had engaged in any criminal activity, at least not that i am aware of. this is going off track somewhat.

we arranged for one of them plumber chaps (no, alas, not Robin Askwith) to come and have a look, and he was none too pleased with what he saw. apparently our boiler (or geyzer, as they seem to be called down here) was on the brink of going "boom". thankfully, on the brink meant that it had not, and thus no damage was done to our property as such. nice one.

no damage, perhaps, but no way that the boiler could be left as it was. this mean that the old one had to be taken out and a new one installed. here's the really interesting part. the only way to get the old boiler out properly was to literally (and please do note the correct use of the word literally) throw it off the roof. the plumber and his chaps thus took our roof apart and threw the old one down into the garden. here it is, for your viewing pleasure. actually, i can think of someone who really does like "looking" at old boilers and, despite my comment earlier, i must say Mr Wayne Rooney is most decidedly not welcome on this corner of the internet.

impressive, isn't it? no, actually, i do not suppose that it is. why bother telling you all about it, even going to the extent of showing a picture of it? well, that would be because of William.

William was very excited indeed to learn that a big massive metal thing was going to be thrown off the roof. to him, this was Scooby Doo at last made real. he had a vision, that he carefully mapped out with me with his ever expanding vocabulary, of him being allowed to stand in the garden where they were going to throw it down, and then run away (presumably really quickly) when the thing came towards him.

whereas i am happy to confess this would have indeed looked very cool, or "awesome" as William is prone to saying, from a parenting point of view i could not let him do this. he was not at all happy with this denial, to say the least, and did some considerable kicking, punching, pleading and shouting towards your humble narrator as i held on to him whilst the plumbing crew did their thing.

he seems to have let go of his resentment towards me in regards of not letting him risk getting twatted off a massive metal machine, but i dare say over the years he will remind me that i did not let him do it as and when it suits his cause in the pursuit of a lost argument.

as for the new boiler, well, if you are particularly interested it seems to be serving its purpose, although i note at a distinctly lower temperature than the old one did. presumably we now have one of them "energy saving" boilers in place (i would not know one from the other by sight), which is fair dos i suppose.

oh, and if you are wondering, James spent just about the whole duration of the boiler incident inside, playing some sort of Pirates game on the TV, being rather glad whatever it was that everyone was doing meant to him no bath that night.

if you have a boiler or geyzer or "thing that makes the hot water work" issue and you have found this whilst looking for practical assistance with an issue i presume that this have been of little help, but many thanks indeed for reading anyway!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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