Wednesday, March 06, 2013


hi there

regular readers of this blog (thank you) shall no doubt recall, unless they have better things to remember, that earlier in the week i spoke of needing a new phone. indeed i went further, showing off the new phone a bit with some pics of a David Bowie billboard thing.

my (now old) phone had the unfortunate experience of being submerged in water. it was for but a brief moment and, although i am aware of water and phones not being friends, i thought i had got away with having no damage caused to it due to some deft cleaning.

for the next day or so, however, it became clear that i had got away with nothing. although the phone seemed to be working, it had taken a shine to randomly resetting itself.considering just how long a blueberry (or blackberry or whatever it is) takes to switch itself on, a fat lot of good that was to me.

the camera had also apparently died during the course of the water incident. it is not, however, like that was much of a loss, as the numerous really crap quality pictures on here will show. not like this picture, of course, taken with my new blueberry thing.

quite smart quality, as you can see! it has a flash and everything. quite glad to have a new one really, not that it was, alas, by any means an easy thing to buy.

the people who make these blueberry things, RIM or something, are i believe in constant financial difficulties. i am not really surprised, to be honest, going on their "store". generally, one would consider a place called a "store" as being a place to buy things. not if it is a BlackBerry store, it seems. the BlackBerry stores exist purely to show off models that you cannot buy from them and to take your phone for repairs. wow. they can afford to do that and not simply sell the devices at the same time?

i eventually bought one at one of them "4U" stores. even then, that was tough going. for some reason all the phones on display in the store were ones they no longer stocked. to see the ones that they did sell, one had to travel to a dark corner at the back of the store and see them stuck on a wall. weird marketing, really - it is not every retail outlet, i presume, that seeks to frustrate clients by a rather in your face display of things they will not sell you.

the new blueberry seems to be up and running just fine, so happy days, no matter how difficult the makers of the phone try to make it for you to buy one!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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