Sunday, March 03, 2013

visiting Quinn

hi there

well, this weekend saw us all get to meet Quinn, since he was at home and free of the understandable rules around visitors to the maternity ward at the hospital. blimey, that was quite a sentence. moving on from that, James and William were rather excited about meeting their new cousin, and indeed Michele was uber-excited about meeting her most recent nephew. more on the latter later.

in the mean time, two things were missing from my updates last week. they would be the proud father and Quinn with his eyes open. behold, for here comes both!

it would be nice to say that the above was one of the first father-son talks around the subject of how although they have accidentally named Quinn after a Sunderland legend, Quinn is not allowed to actually support Sunderland. alas, Richard was rather watching what passes off as a documentary by American standards these days - a film of three idiots going to the DRC to hunt down the crocodile that presumably killed the 4th idiot on their previous visit.

erm, and in moving on again, as sort of promised or hinted at above, here's Quinn with his eyes sort of open!

the above, as is rather more obvious in the one below, sees Quinn being held by Michele, the proud Auntie. a bit more than proud, really, as you will see in the picture below!

there, ladies and gentlemen, is the look that ladies have when they are said to be "getting all broody" when they see a newborn baby. you have been warned, gents, prepare yourself when you see that look.

as for me seeing that look, well, simple fix - i have allowed Michele to use one of my ebook thingies on a night. she can rather read all that Fifty Shades business than expect any shenanigans from me, thank you very much - i have some rather good cricket books to read at the moment.

erm, really seriously moving on, thanks, and here's William doing what looks like an excellent impression of Ian Brown at the top of the slide!

surprisingly enough he subsequently went down the slide in the conventional manner. this is something William has ceased having any interest at all in with the slide at home. his preference these days is very much one of either jumping off the top of the slide, or simply running down it. 'Danger Man' does not quite cover it; i have a rather large scratch down the one arm as a consequence of quickly having to catch a swing that William was busy playing "chicken" with.

on that note, William has a willing assistant and if required alibi in his exploits. this comes in the form of his cousin, Ruby-Lee. this next picture is hardly the "best framed" or set up one, but their stance and the look about their eyes tell you all you need to know about messing with them. that would be you should not.

equally as good as friends and partners as William and Ruby-Lee are, of course, Lyla and James. they are a bit more blatant in their efforts, mind, and tend to be quite proud of them. this you can see in the next picture, as they show and feel nothing but pride in the hair job they have given me with some of that crazy string stuff!

and yes, there in the background one will indeed to see William and Ruby-Lee "discussing" their next course of action. no actual harm befell anyone after that picture, but that could just be because no one has yet stepped on whatever trap they have created!

thanks to all as Le Chateau d'Nouveau for a lovely afternoon, and congratulations once again for the arrival of Quinn!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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