Friday, March 01, 2013

March in already

hi there

well, first off, an apology for not offering an apology to any Ocean Colour Scene fan drawn to this blog by my, if i say myself, clever post title. i am a big fan of OCS - and who is not? - so you are here in good company.

secondly, ooh it's March already, my how "time" flies, etc, etc. moving on, and we had a spectacular storm here today. far, far too spectacular to be comprehended and captured by my blueberry camera. i had a bash anyway. well, not of the storm, but the skies as they got ready to unleash the storm.

yes, indeed it would be fair to say that these pictures for the most part are just an excuse to put up a post for the first of the month, lest someone visit and think this is one of them "abandoned" site thingies. it isn't, there's lots to speak of.

would you like another picture, possibly and certainly arguably marginally better than the one above? sure you do, here you go!

actually, that one above is not bad at all, despite my somewhat cynical intro to it. the next time my good friend, the talented Jonathan Granville, does a "Transvaal Mix" for my benefit, i certainly hope he considers pinching the above picture for the cover of it.

moving on, and William did not seem too bothered about the approaching storm as i picked him up. William, as it happens, was pretty much not bothered about anything at all, so long as he had his most excellent looking Friday treat, baking, with him! 

the rain came, hard, lashing everything, and then left. i trust and hope all my friends, family, colleagues and even people i do not particularly care for (cf idiots on strike at Post Office) all made it home OK.

more soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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