Wednesday, March 06, 2013


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acres of the internet have been taken up by debates about whether or not a certain red card should have been produced in a certain match last night. large numbers seem to think no it should not have been. my thinking would be if it hadn't been given then fine, but i have no issue with it being produced.

the rules of the game say that a player must be dismissed if he commits serious foul play. for some reason many, notably the UK press, are suggesting that it was not serious foul play. what isn't being included in such observations and opinions is a picture of the actual incident. here it is, then.

what do you see? i see both feet off the ground, one leg raised, studs showing and contacting the opponent. that, in my humble opinion, could be considered serious foul play in any sport.

Manchester United are rather upset about the red card for the above. so upset, in fact, that they are far too emotional to speak to anyone right now. they play Chelsea this weekend. i would suspect that if Mr Chelsea, JT26, did something like that to, for instance, Ferdindad, Evra or Wellbeck for random examples, Manchester United and in particular their manager would have an awful lot to say about what should happen to the special kind of dick head as a consequence. Mr Chelsea, JT26, has of course an awful lot of experience in regards of getting his leg over such a height, so it could well happen.

as for the red card costing the side the game, nonsense to be honest. leaving two players that they should know inside out, Modric and in particular Ronaldo, with as much space as they like in front of goal is not a wise thing to have done.

there was nothing dodgy or dubious about the decision by the ref, and it's a shame to see him get hounded. that's the way of the game, i suppose. i can understand the fans being disappointed, but i just don't get the idea that there was "no way" the above incident was worth a red card, and that losing Nani was the cause of the defeat. it didn't help, certainly.

better luck next year, United.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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