Sunday, March 10, 2013

fifty shades of mother-in-law

hi there

well, it is that time of year again. yes, the hour is nearly upon us when we celebrate the birthday of my dear, beloved mother-in-law. usually this is an exciting time for me as i get to prowl stores for Mills and Boon books with excellent titles.

at Christmas she got perhaps the best one ever, the magnificently named Cowboy Under Siege, her review of which you can read by clicking on the name of it. otherwise, there are always loads of class titles, like The Spanish Billionaire Virgin, Master Of Her Virtue, Cinderella Of Harley Street, The Moonlight Mistress and, well, to be honest, i could go on and on. this year, though, Michele said that we had to get her something different, as in that particular series of books.

yes, we have willingly handed over this Fifty Shades Of Grey business to her. i've not read them myself so i can't claim any knowledge or wisdom, but their reputation is pretty widespread. every lady that i know of who has read them has had an "interesting" reaction, i shudder to think how my mother-in-law will get on with it all.

she has offered to forward a review, but going on the content that i am aware of in the books i do not think i will be publishing it here.

it feels somewhat appropriate here to issue an apology in advance to any members of the gentry that encounter my mother-in-law after she had read, or if you will consumed, these books. that apology has a limit, however, and it ends well before any sort of compensation or medical costs come into the equation.

i do wish to try and read these books myself, to be honest. it's always splendid to see a book or set of books take off and do well, it would be interesting to see what exactly all the fuss is about.

happy reading Monica!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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