Sunday, March 24, 2013

burying Batman

hi there

as we move into the last few days of summer over here William is certainly making the most of time in the garden as and when he can. usually his activities in the garden lean towards trying to climb from one side to the other without touching the ground, but every now and then he likes to do something somewhat more ground based.

two of his favourite things are messing about with trowels and forks (we do encourage him not to stab himself) and indeed making adventures for all the super hero toys; adventures that usually seem them all being tied up. we will have to keep an eye on him as he gets older.

anyway, today, in a moment reminiscent of when the ape absolutely batters that skeleton with a bone, William had a realization that the trowel things and the superheroes could be used together.

yes, that's William and James burying superheroes in the garden, or if you will the flower bed, or even perhaps where flowers are supposed to be going. James really wasn't interested in playing outside, but when he heard what William was doing, and indeed clocked that he wasn't being told not to do it, he was soon out there helping. 

the boys, alas, did not have any particular plan or sense of order in burying Batman, Superman and all the other characters. they also had less than perfect recollections of exactly how many were buried out in the garden, never mind where.

i think i managed to dig out and rescue all of them, so far they have not complained about any being missing as such. 

sorry if these pictures look a bit weird, by the way. i pressed that "auto correct" button on whatever software it is i open them with and it seems to have given them a kind of "tranquil tinge".

right, time to get back to some top level The Next Day listening, especially as it's now way too dark to go and see if i need to dig up Wonder Woman or someone.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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