Tuesday, March 12, 2013

all of the books in New Zealand

hi there

blimey, i seem to have done quite a few updtes this month compared to last, etc, etc........

the rather more avid readers of this blog shall be only all too aware of my Dad's rather ambitious plan to ensure that each and every book in New Zealand passes through the doors of his most magnificent Old Grumpy's Gallery. it seems that the acquisition phase of this has gone rather well indeed, so now it is time for the second phase, in which the books all find new homes.

that would be why, you would guess (and i can only guess for Dad did not give any clarity or info on if this advert has appeared anywhere as such as yet) that this advert has been created!

i am uncertain of just how many people from, around, near or going to Mount Maunganui in the hope of obtaining some books actually read this blog, but this advert is here for their benefit!

if you are in or are heading to Mount Maunganui, please do make the time to call in at Old Grumpy's. if not for the books, there are plenty of other things there, including coffee. coffee is always good.

meanwhile, i am wondering just how many books my Dad has "borrowed" over the years and did not return form a part of his plans. one or two, i suspect.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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