Monday, March 25, 2013

the best of times; the worst of times

hi there

today is truly a sad day, dear reader. very sad indeed. i can barely believe that such excellent news has turned out to be the worst news ever. i am having to do something that i never thought possible, which is to be critical of and indeed slam the chosen food of The King, Elvis Presley. yes, i am really rather angry with KFC when i should be at my happiest with them.

for a couple of years now we have looked to the rest of the world and watched as they feasted on the magnificent Double Down burger, that most magnificent of food items that makes a burger out of fried chicken rather than a conventional bread bun. i can tell you how brilliant it looked, but why do that when i can just show you a picture.

beautiful, is it not? i have held dreams of having one of these as it just looks amazing. it's the pure personification of what The King, Elvis Presley loves about KFC. basically nothing whatsoever that your average tree hugger would consider a good part of a diet is in it. yes, i want some of this.

to that extent, today should have been the greatest day ever, then. why? because KFC announced that, at last, they were selling the Double Down burger here, as of Tuesday 25 March 2013. so why is not the greatest day ever? have a look at the poster for it.

notice anything missing? yes, that's right, a key ingredient, and one that The King, Elvis Presley would be just as angry about as i am. 

they have decided to try and pass off a double down burger here as one that DOES NOT HAVE BACON IN IT. if that is not bad enough, they have replaced the bacon with A SLICE OF F****** TOMATO, as if we would not notice the difference.

i have put up with much from KFC without complaint. the bad service at some stores (hello, Sandton drive thru) and the silly nonsense about selling "grilled" chicken, whatever the hell that is, were always insignificant compared to the excellence of a bucket. but this crosses a line.

they have all these campaigns telling people not to buy fake goods like pirate DVDs, and yet it is fine for KFC South Africa to sell a fake version of the double down? there's something wrong with the world.

yes, i will probably have one of these fake ones, but it's disappointing to say the least.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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