Wednesday, February 27, 2013

yet more bullshit delivered by the SA Post Office

hi there

i am writing this whilst on hold trying to speak to someone at the SA Post Office customer help line. if you like the idea of hearing someone say "thank you for your patience all of our agents are still busy" in a rather whiny voice every three seconds then stop reading this and call 012 401 7902.

the Post Office have, believe it or not, condescended to give another update on the strike that isn't a strike but is a strike. they have at least had the decency to stop issuing meaningless apologies, as you will read :

actually, i've just had a chat with a lovely lady at the Post Office. i will not name her as anything other than N, because i would imagine that on the basis of what i have seen and experience the Post Office are a vindictive lot and would probably single her out for being competent, honest and rather good at her job.

anyway, N advised me of what is going on. as is well known, the strike is on because of the fact that the Post Office, for the most part, hire either criminals who run scams or people that are stupid enough to fall for idiotic scams. and when i say idiotic scams, i now know the full extent of how idiotic.

the reason for the scam can be found earlier on my blog, with a link to it here for your ease. the staggering stupidity of the scam was revealed when N advised me that the strikers are expecting R100,000,000.00 (one hundred million) each as this was the compensation they would have got from the lawsuit. that translates around the world as ₤7,142,857.15 or US$12,345679.01.

the strikers, not appreciating that there was not a lawsuit and they have been conned, are on strike because they still expect the Post Office to pay them R100,000,000.00 each before they go back to work. as you can imagine, and in a rare show of sympathy from me for the Post Office, it is somewhat unlikely that they are going to have these demands met. at present there are 3,000,000 (three million) items sat at the postal depot waiting to be sorted and delivered. add to that the amount of mail still to be collected from various branches and you have one hell of a backlog and delay on your hands.

i expect the SA Post Office to hand over not one single cent to these utter morons who are so easily duped that no doubt they have cupboards full of magic beans at home. hopefully, as the strikers are all engaged in illegal activities simply by striking and indeed are also in violation of the Postal Services Act, i can only hope they are all dismissed and have legal charges brought against them. perhaps then the Post Office can hire staff who both want to work and have a basic level of intelligence. a level of intelligence, at least, that they can spot there's something dodgy about an unspecified lawsuit that will deliver to them R100,000,000.00 in return for a large chunk of their salary.

i don't understand why the Post Office just doesn't put the outlandish demands from these strikers in their adverts. why the hell not? humiliate the fools that dug themselves into this hole and show how they think the best way out is to just keep digging with the same shovel.

more updates as and when i get them, although of course at this stage i would be pretty sure that one of the updates will not be "yay, my birthday cards have arrived at last".

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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