Friday, April 29, 2011

one tooth down!

hey everyone

well, James was very excited indeed yesterday! at school, as he calls it, he was busy playing Ring A Ring Of Roses with his friends when he felt something in his mouth. he was pretty sure that he hadn't put a sweet or similar in his mouth, and was thus apparently surprised and delighted to discover that the first of his baby teeth had at last fallen out!

it has been wobbling away for the last week or so, with the "big boy" tooth popping up behind it!

James has been particularly calm and brave about the idea of his "baby" teeth falling out and new ones coming up; something we are of course terribly proud of. we suspect, however, that his calm and brave approach has been due to his intricate knowledge of "the tooth fairy". he has a formidable, to say the least, list of requests in place for the tooth fairy and thus if anything he simply cannot wait for them all to come out!

William, meanwhile, will just be happy when his first set of teeth all come through, and has started to suggest that he doesn't particularly wish for his photograph to be taken whilst TellieTubbies is on!

have a most excellent weekend!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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