Monday, January 16, 2012

support for Frankie Goes To Hollywood from, erm, Frankie Goes To Hollywood

hey everyone

well, first and foremost, and very big thanks and all the credit i can give to the legendary Gerrit F for sharing these pictures. nice one mate, i really appreciated seeing them and i can only hope anyone who stumbles upon this article does the same!

you may recall that, as usual, in a post on January 10th i reminisced about my one and only Frankie gig. this year it was a bit special, of course, as it marks 25 years since i saw the band that remains for me as being the greatest ever.

talking about this gig and that sadly final 1987 tour with like-minded Frankie fans has seen Gerrit F, to use the American expression, step up to the plate and share some pictures with us. not pictures of Frankie as such (well, not yet), but of their support act, the magnificent Berlin.

the following pictures are from the gig at the Ahoy in Rotterdam on 4th February 1987. it certainly looks like it was a rather lively gig! in what way was it lively? well, look at how Berlin singer Terri Nunn remains the consumate professional despite a most unusual stage invader.

Terri Nunn famously tried out for the part of Princess Leia in the Star Wars films. going on what she had to endure, or possibly enjoy, on this night of the tour i dare say that she would have been up to the demands of the role. then again, if she had got that part, the world might not have heard songs like Take My Breath Away , and she may well not have got to play with such an interesting backdrop!

for those of you not sure what you are looking out for in the above, well, here's another picture which gives you a little bit more than a clue.

who exactly is displaying their support in either picture is not something i am at liberty to say, really. i am, however, quite prepared to tell you that later on this year (or possibly early 2013, depending on that Mayan thing) we shall see Brian "Nasher" Nash's autobiography being published. i dare to speculate that stories will be abound in it, perhaps related to the above, possibly others even more interesting.

as for the 1987 tour itself, a certain amount of professionally recorded and filmed sound and vision recordings do exist. however, something of a contractual impasse exists in the world of Frankie; one that means it is unlikely that any live material will ever officially be released. this is a shame, but nil desperandum kids - one can search that you tube thing and find some fan shot footage if they are of a mind to do so. one can of course also search the internet for such things.

many, many thanks indeed again to Gerrit F for these quality pics!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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