Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh, Yeah! but.......oh, no.......

hi there

those of you who are wise to the way of online videos and that may well have seen a ten second "teaser" clip for an advert that is scheduled to appear in the imminent "Super Bowl" thing that the Americans will be having.

erm, yeah, you read that right. sure, this Super Bowl business is always a big event for the adverts - "flagship" campaigns usually start during it, as it is the single most viewed / watched show on US TV. usually it's trailers for the big movies of the year that come along. but still, a teaser advert for an advert? how impressive must the advert be? well, in the case of this one, it all seemed to be very impressive indeed.

the trailer starts off with a man going to open the curtains in his bedroom. nothing too impressive there, until such time as the camera angle switches to the other side of the opened curtains. and then look at who it is.

yes, that's who you think it is. what happens next is Mr Broderick saying "how could i possibly work on a day like today", followed by a snippet of Oh, Yeah! by Yello.

i know you are or when you saw it were thinking what i am thinking. that would be they have done it. somehow, hopefully from a script left by the late, missed John Hughes, somehow they have gone and delivered the impossible dream; a sequel to Ferris Bueller's Day Off!

the whole thing looks and feels perfect. you cannot do anything but have a huge fanboy grin on your face, scream and shout "yes!" at the monitor or whatever device you saw this on and be thrilled at such news. the whole thing, all 10 seconds of it, is so pitch perfect that it cannot possibly be anything else but a much longed for sequel.

actually, as it happens, it could possibly be something else. the "word" on the net is that it's just an elaborate advert for this lot.

wow. talk about having a bubble burst and being deflated. i really, really hope Honda know what they are doing, building up hopes and excitement in the minds of millions of fans, only to reveal that all of this is just an advert for some sort of Japanese car.

i am expecting one of those celebrated, notorious "fan backlashes" to this one. good luck Honda, and indeed to Mr Broderick.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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