Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Stone Roses march on

Hi there

well, i can think of no good reason why anyone would look at my blog for information on gigs that The Stone Roses are doing when their official site does a rather good job of giving updates, but here you go.

the most recent dates added are off to the East of the world. The Fuji Rock Festival always sounds excellent, and that's where they will be on the weekend of July 27 - 29.

travel-wise, this one sounds quite handy for fans of the band in America and Australia, especially as no dates have been announced for either of those countries.

that same weekend sees the band lined up for the Jisan Valley Festival
in South Korea.

South Korea doesn't by sound immediately strike me as a place for rock festivals, but google away - the place looks beautiful and it sounds like the festivals have been excellent thus far. last year saw the Chemical Brothers and, most impressively, Suede headline. as Radiohead are at the Fuji festival, i wouldn't be surprised if they are announced for Jisan Valley too.

no dates seem to be about for south of the Equator as yet, with these two being the closest. perhaps they are just waiting for summer down here towards the end of the year. South America, Australia & New Zealand and South Africa shall just have to live in hope that a gig can be announced. oddly America is missing from their calendar too.

meanwhile, what of the new sound of the band? they have signed two record deals and commented that they were doing new material. some news, or even better a single release, would be excellent as we count down to the live return!

more news as and when i have it!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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