Friday, January 06, 2012

Zama - merry and, indeed, gay.....

hey there

tradition, or if you will superstition, decrees that today is the day that any and all Christmas decorations should be taken down and put away, ready for use later in the year. we at verk are certainly abiding by this, and the removal of the decorations went ahead today.

for the most part it was Medicine, also known as Stefan (or similar spelling), to take down our most celebrated decorations. he was, it has to be said, taking far too much time pratting about with a ladder for some. well, by some i do mean Zama, who decided to step in and help take the decorations down.

erm, step in and take the tinsel down, rather.

nice one Zama! as you can see i am giving a big thumbs up here to his most excellent new look, which suits him rather well.

please do not think the above has led to poor relations between Zama and Medicine. far from it, really. just this last hour has seen Zama bestow upon Stefan knowledge of "The Stranger" and indeed a "Sailor's", two interesting techniques that should keep Stefan very, very busy for a good deal of the imminent weekend.

hope all is as well with you as it is here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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