Friday, January 13, 2012

a few 13 things for you

hey there

well, what were the odds? my 13th post of the year happens on the first Friday 13th of the year. spooky, strange, etc.....

i was going to write a few things about Friday 13th today to mark or celebrate the date since there are so many tales, myths and things like that. one of the best of course is the tale of the HMS Friday, an amusing tale from a hundred or so years ago and made popular by the comedian Dave Allen. the of course there's the increasingly popular school of history according to Dan Brown, in which conspiracy theorists claim as "absolute fact" that it was a Friday 13th that the Knights Templar were slaughtered. well, all of those except the ones who it was for convenient to the plot of a Dan Brown book to survive.

i was also going to write about my first memory of a Friday 13th, which took place in Sydney, Australia. i seem to recall some story of a truck or similar breaking down or crashing on the celebrated Sydney Harbour Bridge on this date in history, and the newspaper headlines proclaiming it "Black Friday". i distinctly recall asking my Mum why, and her promptly telling me of the myth of Friday 13th.

in the end, though, i decided that i simply could not be bothered. google is there, go use it to search for more of the above and beyond. instead, let me present you with my memories of two class Friday 13th films.

let's start with Friday 13th Part 3, which was presented in 3D at cinemas, no less!

i think this was the second in the series i saw, possibly seeing Part 2 first. or i might have seen this one to start, i really don't remember.

what i do remember is that the home video version, alas, did not have the skills or power to present in 3D, so you got to see all the efforts at 3D effects in standard, perhaps better 2D. the results were, frankly hilarious. in particular this scene.

it does not show off too well here, but on the VHS version you could, as clear as day, see the wire that the eye was connected to in order to create the "pop out" effect. no doubt they have fixed and cleaned up all the glaring errors for the DVD and blu-ray releases, but if you want to see how little effort they put in to disguising the effects in this one you could pick up the VHS of it off amazon.

now that i think of it, this was the second one i saw. how do i know? because i watched Part 2 and remember being very, very annoyed that Jason did not have his iconic mask on in it. you know, the ice hockey mask that class magazines like Fangoria seemed to suggest / promise that he wore at all times. nope, he only got it in this 3rd film.

the only other memorable film from the series which presently comes to mind is Friday 13th Part IV, laughably called 'The Final Chapter'. as it turns out, it was only the halfway point of the "original classic" series of films.

i think this one was the most memorable because, to be honest (and one likes to think that we are in the business of honesty here), it has the highest level of pointless, graphic nudity of any of the films.

in fairness, it also has the highest level of pointless, graphic appearances by Corey Feldman in any of the films too.

such things balance themselves out, i guess!

well, i hope that was of interest to 1, 2 or a dozen or so of you! whatever you do on Friday 13th, even if it's the same stuff you do every other day, i trust that it all goes rather splendid!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, go on then - ch-ch-ch-cha ah-ah-ah-ah
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