Monday, January 09, 2012

South Fork Sunday shenanigans

hi everyone

well, there is no good or bad reason why some of this year should not continue as the last, really. at the top of that list would be regular visits to the place i call South Fork, much to the confusion of my cousin Andrew. those old and wise enough to understand will and do, i suppose, but anyway.

as there was a fair number of us at South Fork this weekend (well, all of the Grandchildren of my Mum & happy go lucky Dad that were possible without troubling the airlines) we had something of a celebration, since a fair few birthdays come up in the not too distant future. this, of course, meant that cake was very much required and indeed provided.

organized by Dad, no less. well, Michele and i picked it up, but Dad organized it. which was class.

as you can see there was much rejoicing for the arrival of the cake itself! this is certainly no bad thing as it was a most excellent chocolate one.

and yes, Richard enthusiasts, that is indeed Richard you can see in the above picture. nice of him to wear Middlesbrough red for the day!

William in particular, as you can see below, was really looking forward to the arrival of a few slices!

Ruby-Lee also really, really liked the cake. for some reason, though, she had decided that it was part cake, part mud bath thing and covered herself pretty well with it!

Grandad, showing off that his skills with cake extended far beyond simply ordering it, was on hand with a cloth to wash Ruby-Lee's face off a touch and make her look all presentable.

i know what you are thinking, and yes this was a touch puzzling at first. Grandad, as we are all well aware, tends to see his grandchildren as quasi-employees, as far as an employee can be unpaid for services rendered. usually his interest extends to them moving things around the garden for him, or simply in them being quiet whilst he watches some horses run around in a big massive circle, only for him to swear at them rather profoundly when they get close to the end of their run.

so why was he all of a sudden bothered about the appearance of one of them? well, as you might well be able to guess, he wished to have a picture of all four of them who were present!

all of these pictures are off course those which i took with my blueberry thing. i believe Erika was also clicking away, and might - just might - have managed to get one or two pictures in which the majority of them are looking reasonably the same direction. i, alas, did not as such, but i do not think the one above and the one below came out all that bad!

there can be little or no doubt that Grandad and his most peculiar way of doing things shall feature on the pages of this site over the next year, and indeed beyond. for now, though, that will do for a bit!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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