Thursday, January 26, 2012

the water boys

hi there

well, collecting the boys from their schools is getting to be a lenghtier, somewhat demanding task to be honest. this is beyond the whole time and distance thing on our wonderful road system. William, as you can see, has discovered a new thing that is the most excellent thing ever in the world of most excellent things ever. this would be the idea of a water drinking fountain.

James obviously wanted to show William around his ace new "big school", and an important part of the tour once was where James can go and make water shoot up into the air. both of them, as is the case with most young chaps around the world, think this is simply excellent, and rush to have a go at it whenever the chance avails itself. or even if it doesn't.

i do my best to explain to them that they might be wasting water in messing around with them in the hope that they shall stop - James does rather like those "reduce, reuse, recycle" adverts on TV so i thought that might encourage him to stop. thus far, however, they have not shown any particular interest in stopping messing around with it. or should i say them.

the main point of appeal, it seems, is that there are two water fountains next to each other. all this is doing, outside of allowing two children to drink at once, is giving them the idea of a "mega spray", in which they will fire off both fountains at the same time. thus far they have not succeeded in doing it, but with some practice i am sure they will.

James at least does drink from the fountain whilst they are doing this; William not so much. he tries to, in fairness, but his attempts are via trying to catch the water with his hands, and then rubbing his hand all over his face and shirt! i have no doubt that he will get the hang of it, and indeed the height to do it, eventually!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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