Tuesday, January 03, 2012

a first blueberry image of the Harlo gang for 2012

hey there

well, not all that much to report on for 2012 thus far, really. there is the small matter of my dear, beloved wife trashing my most excellent kettle that goes, or rather went, "ting", but it's still a bit too traumatic to discuss right now. that and the new kettle seems to be serving its purpose.

it has not been so quiet that i have zero to share here, of course, hence you reading this. Andrew has very kindly forwarded on the following pic of the Harlo gang out and about on the streets and fields for the first time in 2012.

nice one! unless i am very much mistaken, that is a pic of the gang on the grounds of Great Ayton?

it is particularly impressive to see Andrew as vertical as he is in this picture. i had speaks with him on New Year's Day and it seems, alas, the sauce had got a little bit of the better of him. he spent a not inconsiderable amount of time communicating with me via his blueberry, presumably the very same device used to take the above image. his communique was sent as he laid on the couch "recovering" as several unspecified people (he does not like to name names) were apparently preparing breakfast for him.

one can only trust that Andrew at least had the benefit of proper ales and drinks, like John Smiths or perhaps even a Cinzano to toast the New Year, and did not trouble himself with this "alco pop" nonsense which seems reasonably popular with the kids of this day and age.

more pics and news as and when it happens!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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