Friday, January 13, 2012


hey everyone

well, if i tell you that William has taken a shine to walking around and pretending to hold something whilst making a "sssssss" noise, some of you may well know exactly which film has taken the number one spot in his life. for those of you who have no idea, well, here you go with the poster for this masterpiece of the moving image.

if this particular piece of information makes you none the wiser as to why William would play around the way he is, let me try and explain the scene. before i start, though, i would suggest that you rather obtain the movie on DVD and watch for yourself - sometimes words cannot quite capture the experience.

the film starts with some sort of ship, or perhaps ocean liner, in distress. why exactly the Police Commissioner of Gotham rather than, say, the Port authorities would be alerted to this is beyond me, but there you go. Commissioner Gordon has but one solution to each and every problem that lands on his desk - call Batman.

you would imagine that the Lifeguards, or perhaps even the Navy, would be a better idea to call to deal with a nautical problem, but those are not the cards dealt. Batman and Robin rush off as soon as the call comes in, taking the Batmobile (land based) off to the airport to get the Batcopter (air based) going to see what they can do with the sea based problem.

ahem - holy illusion! it turns out that the radars and all that were fooled by a projected image of a ship instead of a real one. oh well, since the dynamic duo are in the area, Batman decides to go and have a look to see if he can't work out what all of this was.

this proves to be a rather unfortunate idea, as some sort of booby trapped shark is in the water just waiting for Batman.

holy fishfingers! whatever will Batman do to get away from the shark? it is after all a shark that seems to have as strong a grip as it does almost rubber-like flexibility.

it is rather fortunate that Batman thinks ahead, far and wide, really. the Batcopter has apparently been equipped for any possible scenario, in particular if it is one that requires repelling marine based life via means of an aerosol spray.

now then, i must confess some serious lack of scientific knowledge here. i would, however, have a guess that it's unlikely that an aerosol can would work under the kind of aquatic circumstances one would find most of those inhabitants of the sea in. i mean honestly, exactly when would one be that close to a whale and need to get away that an aerosol can would be of use? just aswell, then, that this shark chose to jump some considerable distance to bite Batman rather than simply wait for the caped crusader to enter the water.

but, i hear you ask, if the Bat Shark Repellant is in the helicopter, how on earth will Batman be able to use it in his moment of greatest need for it? quite simple, really - just get Robin to bring it down for him.

no satisfactory explanation is ever presented as to how the Batcopter is all of a sudden able to fly itself whilst Robin messes about on the ladder, if you are wondering. no matter, as the important thing to the plot of the film is that Robin hands over the repellant to Batman....

....who then promptly sprays about a good armful of the stuff on to the shark....

...and then watches as the shark hits the water and explodes for no apparent reason, bar the assumption that someone - get this - has taken the time and trouble to "booby trap" the shark. Batman at least shows some remorse for this, and laments the fact that the shark had to die.

and this is all within the first 5 or 6 minutes of the film! for many this is the highlight of the whole thing, but for me it gets even better to be honest. i say that thinking in particular of the bit where Batman is running around with a bomb and is terribly concerned about blowing up some ducks with it.

The Dark Knight it most certainly is not, but then again we cannot show that one to James and William. this version of Batman remains exceptionally ace and fun viewing no matter how many times i get to watch it. for a start, it is the only Batman film to successfully include 4 (four!) 'super villains' and not be a load of rubbish!

should you have never seen nor heard of this version, well, off you go to order a copy and have some happy viewing!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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