Tuesday, January 31, 2012

third time lucky? dfk, dfc......

hi there

some of the title above stands for don't know and don't care, i am pretty comfortable with the idea of letting you work out what the other letter might stand for.

the third edition of (sigh) Rolling Stone South Africa is apparently on the shelves. as it tends to get buried away in a corner, i.e. not on prominent display anywhere, here's what the cover looks like.

unless i get really bored and happen to be in one of the few stores actually bothering to stock this i think i will just give it a miss. the largely disappointing first edition just led to the very, very bad second edition, full as it was with info that was old or irrelevant and topped off with editing errors that should have seen someone fired. i just don't see the margin for it getting better.

the cover certainly does not tempt one. the cover stars are an Afrikaans band. good luck to them, but this is an English magazine. i seem to recall the first edition featured another Afrikaans band, Van Coke or something, whining about how they do not like English. fine, you are not obliged to, but maybe keep out of English language magazines, then. other than that, the cover seems to promise details about Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. yay. as if this particular album had not been written about more than any other album in history, there's the small matter of this presumably pertaining to the (upteenth) reissue of this album, which happened in November last year. i guess, then that they are intent on this trend of only running articles and reviews for things which are 3 months old.

if you are interested, there's a mildly amusing article / press release
you can get to by clicking that link, in which they seem proud of them not doing what Rolling Stone magazine should be doing.

i have no idea why the actual, proper Rolling Stone magazine owners are happy to see this trash released in their name. is it that they are unaware, or that they do not care? what a shame that the magazine seems destined to fail when there is no reason for it to do so. i really wish we could get the proper magazine published here instead of this crap.

ho hum.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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