Thursday, January 12, 2012

a big day for a big step

hi there

well, for many years now we've heard tales of that big day on the horizon for, you would hope, any and all parents. that would be "first day at 'big' school" day. whereas we were as well planned as possible for it, the day arrived and caught us somewhat by surprise. that's probably just a quirk of the whole time and space being relative thing.

moving away from Einstein as quickly as we got to him, we have always heard tales of tears and tantrums when the time for big school dawns. as James has been rather eager to get to the world of bigger school for quite some time now (18 months ago was when he first asked if he could rather go now, i believe) we were quietly confident the day would go fine. however, there's always the chance that when the moment arrives that he gets what he wants that he no longer wants it. this happens every now and then, in particular it has to be said with trips to the cinema.

anyway, the day dawned, and as you can see he was still loaded with enthusiasm about getting going!

but what happened when we actually got there? other than being delighted with the fact that Mummy was driving and thus we got there (Daddy is not particularly good with directions), he was even more thrilled about it all and was over the moon to find his classroom and desk!

what made it even better for him was some crayons that were the best ones he had ever seen in his life, or so we were made to feel ("look Mummy, there is even a light blue one" he said) and a class picture to colour in.

the only problem James had with his first day, it seems, was that Mummy & Daddy were lingering about and just would not leave to let him get on with it!

we did of course head off, and i had the pleasure of doing a stack of housework whilst Mummy worked from home. with some enthusiasm, it must be said. when we went to collect him he was still just has happy and had several wonderful stories to tell us. most of them, it has to be said, pertained to the tuck shop they had and a rough indication of prices of things that he would like, if we could see our way to giving him some money every day! well, of course we shall one day!

the day really could not have gone better, and thus far he has retained his level of enthusiasm for going back again and again! nice one!

as for William, he has not quite yet mastered the linguistical skills to the extent of saying "i will have some of that, thanks", but going on the enthusiasm he has shown for James' new bag, i would imagine he will be keen for 'big school' one day too!

needless to say we are all delighted that it has been so far so good with this latest, rather long journey that James is on!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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