Monday, January 09, 2012

2012 welcomes back clowns to the road

hi there

well, this was somewhat inevitable, really. after a few weeks of bliss on the roads, quite a few (the majority, i would imagine) of people have returned to verk. subsequently, perhaps consequentially, this means more irritating incidents to deal with.

like, for instance, this particular gem which sees us blocked in and unable to leave the office.

if you can't see the problem i have taken the trouble of highlighting it below - that's two trucks stuck side by side, blocking the road for absolutely anyone else. cheers for that.

the sad thing is that the company name of these trucks is presently obscured by trees. i would be delighted to contact those responsible for this and tell them what i think of it.

i suspect that they are stuck because it's just too steep an incline for the trucks with the weight they have on the back, but a good friend once advised me that when a diesel tank has less than 25% fuel, if they hit an incline like this the fuel falls below the fuel line to the engine and thus it cuts out. a standard coke bottle full of diesel may well be just what they need to fix this, then, but no one appears to be rushing to do it.

and never mind, i suppose, for if one of these two clowns moves out the way it seems just to be clearing a path for another to get stuck.

with the exception of idiot truck drivers who cause headaches for the rest of us,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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