Sunday, September 13, 2009

weekend fun

hey everyone

well, Grandma and Grandad being away at the weekend didn't stop us from going over to their house, especially as Richard, Erika and indeed Lyla were there!

James and Lyla love seeing each other and playing together, in particular when they get to have a free hand (or, in the case of James, foot) in respect of control of the swinging seat.

they spent some quality time running around the garden, but as this involved numerous crossings of the infamous 'bridge over the river koi', we rather didn't take pictures, instead keeping an eye on them. when they are sat down and reasonably still, though, it's usually safe to snap away!

Richard and i, meanwhile, sat and watched England's latest efforts against the supposedly weak Australia.

i think my look says it all about the dismal performance!

and finally, the weekend get together did allow Erika and Michele to have a right good sit down and bang the world to rights!

hope you all have had a fantastic weekend too!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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