Friday, September 18, 2009

visiting the Harlo gang......

hey everyone

well, whenever any of us head to the UK, the motto is certainly "think hospitality - think Harland", as Colin, Angela, Christopher and Andrew are astounding and outstanding in welcoming us and making sure we're looked after and have a good time.

here's Colin and Angela, looking as healthy and happy as ever!

now, it was with nothing but pride that Dad told me how he had been teaching young Andrew and Christopher the wiles and the ways of one of his top hobbies. thankfully it was not aquatic or wrestling related, but alas it was not related to reading, pond building or gardening either. it was the hobby that is, shall we say, more equestrian than that.

just look at the appearance of pride on Colin's face as his eldest son Andrew informs him that, on the basis of information solicited from his Uncle Bob, he has just placed a significant wager on an excellent swinging, trifectorating double whammy boom boom tip with a turf accountant in regards of a race which is soon to commence. in Trinidad.

i can only imagine it was a success, as here's Colin Elvis Cliff Harry Webb himself posing with the wisely investing lads, Andrew William and Christopher James.....

now, it has to be said, the fine people of the North East of England are not quite as used to having everything single thing they do documented with a camera as those of us who see my Dad frequently are. with no degree of certainty can i comment on exactly why my Dad would wish to record the moment his brother-in-law put a seatbelt on and, going on Colin's reaction, neither could Colin.

my Dad is, however, exceptionally comfortable on both sides of the camera (just refer to the Hello Sailors!!! pictures, unless by the time you read this he has made me delete them. oh hang on - sorry Dad, honest, you just can't delete anything off the internet). here he is to illustrate this point, showing off one of the most excellent t-shirts in the history of all t-shirts!

righty-ho, i think that will do for pictures of their great adventures!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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