Saturday, September 05, 2009

fun and ice cream

hey everyone

usually on a Friday night we would stay up a little bit later than usual to let James play and relax after the week. this Friday, however, we couldn't think of a reason not to stay up a bit later than a bit later than usual, and so off we went to play some of his favourite games, and find whatever he wanted for dinner!

as luck would have it, we also found one of Mummy's top games, something called "Ferrari F360", a high level, demanding challenge which involves going round and round in a circle. rather fast. such a complex, involved and top level complex would have been all but impossible for Michele to handle on her own; how fortunate that James was on hand, or if you will on lap, to assist!

nice one James, but going on the next picture you might want to work on the best, most efficient way to change gears before you are old enough to drive a car on your own!

next up was the #1 best game in the world ever. i hardly need to name it, then.

for those that do need it to be named, it is of course the most excellent Star Wars Trilogy Arcade machine, and we found it where you could play it R1 cheaper than at Sun City!!

now, whereas we would normally encourage James to eat as healthily as possible, we did let him decide on exactly what he wanted for dinner last night. we need not have asked, really, for given the choice of anything he wished to have for dinner there was only going to be one thing, and that wasn't broccoli.....

hope you all had a good, fun filled Friday too!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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