Monday, September 07, 2009

great minds......

hey everyone

well, talk about reading minds! Uncle Trevor has been scanning some pictures, and sent one along that, if i haven't already uploaded and missed, i had every intention of putting up here, erm, "eventually"! here it is!

now the date of this pic is interesting. it's certainly before we moved to Australia (Gillian is still rather young, we do not have Aussie sun bleached blonde hair), so at a guess it's late 1980 or possibly early 1981. that's on the basis of us wearing winter-ish clothes, but if you are mindful of the fact that tropical Great Ayton usually only has three clear days of summer (one of which is spent watching the Suggitt family rather oddly winning the summer rubber duck race every year. but they do make exceedingly good ice cream, so there you go), well, it could be any time really!

we all seem to be taking the dogs off for a walk (Lassie on the leash, a puppy Jessica in Gran's arms), irrespective of what year it is. i dare say we were headed off to the left of this pic, past the old school house, through the old churchyard and onto the magnificent field behind it. the field was full of clover, and i do recall many a happy hour spent trying to seek out an infamous four leafed one. i never found one, but seem to have had my fair share of luck regardless.

up in the background is one of Grandad Stanleys' cars, and the only surprise is that he is not in the picture, in overalls tinkering away with it!

now, the next picture is of Uncle Trevor himself, with Jessica in the front yard of the old school house.

when was this picture taken? hard to gauge, really. the fact that Jessica is in it, and Trevor's excellent attire, all suggest that it's early-to-mid 80s (the world would be a considerably better place if we still dressed with such style), but Trevor is blessed with an ageless, timeless sense of beauty and handsomeness, so this could have been taken in any of the 50 (sorry Trevor! i mean 30, of course) years that the world at large has been lucky enough to have Trev in it!

argh, i have just clicked on the link for Suggitts myself and seen all the excellent sweets and confectioneries that one can buy (presumably still by the pound, i would imagine Ayton rejects any and all European Union directives); talk about making yourself homesick!

many, many thanks to Trevor for sending these pics along!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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