Sunday, September 13, 2009

Robbie Williams returns....

in a proper world, i believe, we would be so swamped with quality music that the return of an out and out pop star, no matter how big selling, really wouldn't be massive news. notable, certainly, but not stop the clocks massive. however, as we live in a world where "singles", at least those that chart, are dreary, drab, anonymous and often just sampled engineered talent free affairs, then a pop star releasing a pop record is all of a sudden one of the biggest music news items of the year.

and no bad thing, really. as pop stars go, Robbie Williams loves the fame, fortune, celebrity and excess that is supposed to go with the life, and bless him for it. all too few acts these days appreciate that this is all meant to be fun and entertaining. thankfully, Robbie, whilst not trivial, doesn't take it all too seriously.

Bodies, produced by Frankie producer Trevor Horn, isn't really disposable pop. it's already had some complaints about the lyrical content for a start. it's not the most gratuitously possible-to-interpret-as-blasphemous song ever made, but then again Nine Inch Nails' Closer and indeed the Manics own Patrick Bateman were never intended for constant pop radio airplay. as far as the music goes, it's not a get up and dance to it immediately sensation you get on hearing it, but it's also not a song you reach to switch off.

Robbie's last album, the experimental Rudebox, sadly didn't excite many people (bar the She's Madonna single), going on this song his next album (Reality Killed The Video Star) should see him winning over the world once again.

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