Saturday, September 19, 2009

more from the UK....

hey everyone

well, somewhat amazingly after the Hello Sailors update, my Dad (or "Admiral Bob" as he seems to have taken quite a shine to the title) has forwarded a "few" more pictures that he forgot about.

before we start, however, my Dad would like to make it clear that he is not familiar with the ways and what have you of gentlemen who are good with colours and puddle jumpers, so any images (or actions with men who live in boats with other men) are entirely innocent. he did also mention in passing that he wasn't of a mind to send any further pictures of him on boats.

onwards, then, to a fine pic of my Dad having a fine meal. it looks very much like it could be sausage and beans, but as he's seen RocknRolla and might remember that line i won't highlight it or suggest anything else.

moving on rather nicely, here's a wonderful pic of Grandma and Gramps!

good to see them healthy and happy! in the case of the latter, this was then presumably taken before Gramps read the daily paper, when no doubt some MP innocently claiming having the moat around his duck house as a Parliamentary expense will have caused him some upset!

onwards to Christopher. as previously mentioned, my Dad had taken a shine to the idea of educating Andrew and Christopher in some of his habits, mostly those related to something called a swinging trifectabluating spread wager. Christopher, however, clearly took on board my Dad's two new loves (meeting men in interesting attire who possibly live on boats and wrestling other men to the ground) and applied them in a rather different, non-puddle jumping, "it's blue, what shades are there but light and dark?" manner.

nice one Chris, sounds and seems that you are doing rather well with it!

now then, as you will recall, Uncle Colin was involved in some wrestling too - he was wrestling with the concept of having his every move photographed for the duration of the stay of the newly anointed Admiral of the Canals. in the end it would seem that he came up with an ace solution to this circumstance......

he even went one better, as his wave goodbye would suggest that he also fancies a crack at giving a review to the behaviour of one Liam Gallagher of late - Noel, hope you're reading.

well, these could be the last of the pics from their trip to England. it's difficult to tell, really. if there are more, it won't be the first instance of my Dad "forgetting" a few thousand pics he took, and i dare say it shall not be the last.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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