Friday, September 18, 2009

hello sailors!!!

hey everyone

well, on the one side, if i were to put certain pictures (and comments) up here i face the prospect of being disowned, bringing much glee to Richard and Gillian who will no doubt delight at the prospect of being named the two sole beneficiaries of our fathers' estate (although i think Marmite gets it all anyway). on the other side, however, he did willingly mail these pictures to me, he does get a touch disappointed when he doesn't feature and they are priceless.

so, ladies and gentlemen, to that end i give you Admiral Bob of the Canals!

going on the many pictures of him in the Admiral hat i guess he took quite a shine to it! here he is, posing away, oblivious to any possible connotations he's giving off with the outfit and the pose.

and when i say "oblivious", i do mean that many years ago when the sad news of the death of Freddie Mercury broke Richard and i did have to sit him down and explain very slowly what exactly "the Freddie Mercury lifestyle" was. he was having none of it, of course, and presumably to this day considers that his band was named in honour of distinctly more Royal related things......

....leaving that aside, here's Dad as the day disappears to dusk, stood happily, and with a sense of pride, showing an absolutely massive pole off....

going on legends and myths of how men of the seas entertain themselves, i am not quite sure i would stand in such close proximity to a sign saying "open" with a massive arrow pointing the way it is in that pic, but i've never really had that much of a sense of adventure, i suppose.

as far as entertaining on the water goes, and in regards of the Admiral hat, it certainly seems to have worked as a "come and admire me" hat at least, as this gentleman of the waterways clearly took a shine to him.

now, as far as my Mum could work out, this free-spirited, open-minded gentleman of an undetermined but possibly ambiguous lifestyle lives something of a roaming around lifestyle. with another gent of the waterways.

the connotations of this are of such a nature that even my Dad my have noticed something was amiss, and thus he appears to have retired his Admiral of the Canals ambitions. in its place, however, he appears to have opted for a life of wrestling other men to the ground........

there is the outside (or rather very good) chance that my Dad will consider it unwise to send pictures of this nature to me again (much like Grant doesn't really send as many images of him with sheep anymore), so enjoy these ones for all they are worth!!!!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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