Sunday, September 20, 2009

there's a party going on in (non-atomic) New Zealand city.....

hey everyone

well, yes, i appreciate that New Zealand isn't a city as such, but that song quote line, as has been the case with a few across the blog, serve as clues to those who wish to work out the name James has decided on for his close to due brother.

in the mean time, a month without a picture of all the grandchildren of self-style 'Admiral Bob' is a pretty poor month for this site, so how excellent that Gillian and Grant forwarded on some pics of Katie and Daniel from a most splendid 3rd birthday party!

first off, here's Daniel. he's looking more handsome than ever, and clearly is anticipating the food element of the party!

Daniel, i am led to believe, quite likes his food. he will get this from his Dad, no doubt - presumably, then, the top dish for the both of them is "lamb surprise", although i won't go into detail on Grant's interpretation. now that i think of it, James is thus far the only one of the "next generation" (although none of the kids are called Picard. or Wharf.) who sees having to stop and eat as a considerable inconvenience. go figure.

never too far away from the side of her brother is Katie, who seems to be having a sensational time in the ball pit of the party place. as far as i recall from Gillian's mail the party was in a place called "Dominoes". it could, however, be named after another parlour game. or be something beginning with a "d".

nice one Katie, i wonder who you are smiling at - presumably the intended target when you get around to throwing them!

well, that's a rather pleasant update to round off a huge stack of family updates! i think i will watch a film, read a book (many thanks for volume 2 of Clarkson, Auntie Susan!) or something to give a review of next!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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