Thursday, September 24, 2009

quality journalism

hey everyone

when Mum & Dad were getting ready to head over to the UK, they asked if there was anything they could bring back with them. i in jest suggested they bring back one of England's finest periodicals, the Sunday Sport newspaper. imagine my surprise when they did indeed proudly hand over a recent edition of this, and i use the word with some hesitation, newspaper.

as it turns out, the edition they brought back does feature a rather interesting article, the kind of which one doesn't normally see written in quite as bleak and uncompromising terms as this paper chose to go with. as amusing as i found the article, in particular the warning quotes, i wasn't going to put this up here. it's a little over the line i have drawn to keep this site suitable for all. however, Michele seemed disappointed when i mentioned i wasn't going to put it here, and indeed my mate Spiros has a great interest in stories like this. for the record, i have a vague idea as to who this Jack Tweed is, although i certainly have no wish to learn much about him. i would also go as far a saying i am not quite as taken by him as this Mr Lomax gentleman is.

below is the article, and i must stress a big *** WARNING *** here, as the text is far from suitable for all to read.....

now, as excited as my mate Spiros will have been about the above, i must confess i have done some research into this tale. i can find no evidence of a Mr Al Lomax having his own site as indicated above; indeed the only Al Lomax i could find looks rather ethnically different and certainly doesn't strike me as the sort of chap that would impose himself on other in any way, let alone the manner told above. as for the 'journalist', Mr James Crisp, the only record i can find of him is in relation to some story or other that greatly upset the fine people of Whitby.

i can't really suggest that i hope you have enjoyed this post; if you have been amused by it, so much the better.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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