Saturday, September 26, 2009

James, Grandad and the Jedi take over the house once and for all.....

hi everyone

well, with Mummy off out for the day, James decided that it would be a jolly good idea to have Grandma and Grandad come over. the really jolly part of this good idea was that, with Mummy out of the way, James could guide and assist Grandad in banging several nails into the wall!

whilst away on holiday Grandad spotted some very excellent looking Star Wars posters. after having them mounted on some board, over he was to change from 'Admiral Bob' to 'Bob The Builder' and put them up for us. well, it's rather well documented that i am not allowed to go near walls with nails anymore.

as you can see, James decided to help by using various Force powers, as well as his lightsaber. phew! i am not at all sure that Grandad could have managed with just his hilti device thingie, a hammer and several years of expert skill and experience!

i am sure that Grandad found the occasional bat in the nose off the lightsaber most helpful!

i believe i did use the plural, as there are indeed posters - 3 of them are now up in our house, making it heaven for James. well, as in every corner of the building you look you can see something belonging to James, i trust that it was that already!

the posters are indeed very smart, and i quite like having them up in the house! the next two are rather brilliantly painted / drawn ones - certainly a labour of love from someone!

whereas James loves all the posters equally (with the one in the lounge of all the Jedi being a bit more equal than others), i really like the one that has ended up in his bedroom. there is not, alas, a clear picture of it in this update, but i will see what i can do!

i think it's safe to say that James is very impressed indeed with having this in his room!

ahem. i will probably get away with the Star Wars posters being where they are. wish me luck with keeping this one that Dad brought back for me!

well, i like it, and thus it is staying!!

now, the eagle eyed of you will have noticed a baby scan picture on James' wall! now that i think on, we went for a scan earlier this week. no picture, sorry, but we took James along. he was a bit nervous about what the nice doctor was doing to Mummy's tummy at the start of the scan, but once he saw baby waving at him he was thrilled!

thanks for the hard work, Grandad! sorry, 24 hour plumbers, i didn't touch a single nail! after all, a fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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