Saturday, September 05, 2009

KFC in a time of Spring.....

hey everyone

we have been bestowed with Spring in our corner of the world, and thus it was time to celebrate at verk. and what says celebration more than KFC? nothing!

it would be traditional to have a Spring breakfast, but alas the KFC branches that do the magnificent breakfast menu (see numerous earlier posts) were too far away from our office. we all, then, more or less opted for a KFC lunch to mark the dawning of this most prestigious seasonal shift.

as ever, my unofficial personal photographer, Trigger, was on hand to capture the moment. here i am with a by no means insignificant amount of The Colonel's finest, looking - if my may observe myself - rather happy about it.

now, in the spirit of fair play, equality and all that sort of concern, it was the case that i wasn't able to keep and eat all the KFC myself. my many splendid colleagues at verk admire the food of The Colonel just as much as i, after all.

here i am dispensing the food of The Colonel with my dear friend Khanyisile and, believe it or not regular readers, the new look Zama.....

yes, people, Zama not so long ago decided to shave off his world famous dreadlocks. Zama is in particular concerned about how the people of New Zealand will react to this development; i am sure that they, like we have had to, will adjust to the new image direction!

last, certainly not least and perhaps best, there is the pinnacle of the menu of The Colonel, behold - my exceptionally good friend and i display the most excellent meal known as the bucket..

a very big thanks to Ronel and Trigger (and everyone else) who went off and purchased all this excellent KFC for us all to enjoy at verk! an extra thanks, of course, for Trigger for the outstanding work he does as my unofficial personal photographer.

i can only hope and trust that in your part of the world you celebrated whatever season it is in a similar fashion. from my side, i have eaten levels of KFC this week that are comparable to those eaten by The King, Elvis Presley. this makes me happy.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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