Monday, September 14, 2009

Bad Lieutenant remake

hey everyone

well, let's face it. movie remakes are a fact of life. no matter how many complain about them they keep getting made. i don't recall any remake ever being heralded as being superior to the original, but somewhere along the line they must make enough cash to inspire others to go off and remake.

remakes of hit films or fondly remembered films that weren't big hits at the time do tend to make some degree of sense. exactly which category the rather demented film Bad Lieutenant fits into, however, is beyond me.

i'm not sure how much of a remake this is, it sounds like a "reimaginging" of it, placing Nicolas Cage in the tour de force role which Harvey Keitel took in the original.

anyway, i shall reserve some degree of judgement on this one. in the mean time, here's a rejected poster for the new version....

and, just for fun, here's the poster for the original masterpiece.

the original film was deeply unpleasant viewing, made bearable only by the superb performance from Keitel. how toned down this new version is remains to be seen. Cage can be "edgy" in films, but i suspect not quite as "edgy" as the original.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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