Saturday, September 19, 2009

Darth James

hey everyone

James went to see Grandma and Grandad today, and we bravely went out shopping. and i do mean this was brave, as the first point of call was a toy shop!

believe it or not, James didn't particularly want this excellent new outfit whilst we were in the store itself; Grandma and i suspected that he may well have a change of mind after the fact. we thus bought it for him anyway.

and just as well that we did, as he has grown rather attached to it very quickly!

i had no idea that Darth Vader was also a keen fan of Ice Age, going on the t-shirt! that said, i think he might have to become on - James tells us that as far as he is concerned the next film will be called Ice Age 4 - Dawn Of The Star Wars. get working, Mr Lucas, get working!

now, when i say that James has grown rather attached to this new outfit, this does indeed mean that i drove all the way home with the Dark Lord Of The Sith in full costume in the back of the car!

once at home he was able to, to coin a phrase, complete the circle and wield his mighty (in inflatable terms) lightsaber around!

i know what the question is as much as you know what the answer is - indeed, yes, i have put the mask on, and in my best deep, machine breathing voice i have said "James, I am your father".....

be excellent to each other!!!! or rather, may the force be with you.............
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