Friday, September 18, 2009


hey everyone

well, Mum & Dad have as mentioned in the last post been away. for a change, my Dad took several thousand photographs of the trip, so here we go with some of the best of them!

the bulk of their time away was spent on a rather pleasant looking canal boat (barge?) cruise. an extra bonus would be that (my) Grandma and Gramps went with them!

the boat (thingie) that they went on was called the Prince Hal. erm, yeah. not quite sure that i would get on anything called "Hal", in particular after the year 2001 and the film 2001!

now, some of you (my Dad in particular) might be wondering why i have not commented on my Dad's stance and attire in the above picture. patience, dear reader - your humble narrator promises a possibly disowning post rather soon.....

Grandma and Gramps certainly seemed to have had an ace time riding the canals!

well, Gran did - i think after a few days of mastering locks, keys and all those things, Gramps clocked that inside was a perfect place to sit and have a nice quiet read of the paper.

i am assuming, since i did not get any calls (let alone a banging on the door) asking about how much of his tax it was going to cost him, Gramps did not note any stories about the erstwhile Duchess Sarah Ferguson.....

as much of a bonus of Gran and Gramps coming along was that our dear friend Fred was along for the ride! happily, it seems that (as far as photographic evidence reveals) he scored the double whammy of keeping his pants on and didn't pull any whoppers out (of the water) to wave about a bit with a proud smile.

now, in that above picture they all look rather happy. i imagine it's mostly to do with them having a good time, but there's a partial possibility that Dad is stood taking pictures on top of the boat / barge / aquatic transportation device as they are approaching a bridge......

....and speaking of bridges, despite already taking several thousand pictures, i am delighted to reveal that Dad still found space on the memory stick to take an image of the legendary, if not infamous, bridge known as "Bridge 36".

wow, pretty awe-inspiring in general and highly motivational, is it not? i can understand you stopping and just staring at Bridge 36 in all its majestic glory, but if you move on to the next picture, you can happily make your own "what's long and hard and filled with (ahem)" jokes, except of course substituting whatever the proper name is for a canal barge instead of the usual answer. which should be "submarine", or possibly a slang term of anatomical reference which my mate Spiros is rather a dab hand at drawing....

looking at the expression on their faces, i would imagine someone has just told the more conventional version of that joke!

more pictures heading your way imminently!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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