Thursday, July 13, 2017

work experience as a woman, or lack thereof....................

hello there

i wasn't really going to bother with this first image or the reason for the title of this post, look you see. and then they kept on sending the same thing to me, so i figured they were desperately trying to tell me to do so, to be sure.

whilst i don't moan so much as others about junk email or "spam", i will confess i am very lazy. it's rare that i bother to go and unsubscribe or deregister from mailing lists, figuring it is but the work of a moment to press the delete key on any or all mails which displease me so. besides, leaving mail to flow through the streams of the internet means you get to see some interesting things from time to time, and get invitations that are not quite appropriate.

yes, i really am rather bad at deregistering things. as in, it has been two general elections, one referendum i could take part in (and decidedly did) and one which i could not since i was in South Africa, but there i am getting mails still. i've also been able to witness Zac Goldsmith contest a significant number of elections, but that is beside the point.

here, then, is the danger of harbouring lots of information, or "big data farming" as it is called. many companies sit on huge amounts of data which may well be useful to them and their business concern, but all too often they just squander it or have no idea how to use it properly.

with the focus on the above, if they did, then they would have clocked that the email address they sent this to has not been used on their site for some 4 years. also, as they have my details, they have my gender and thus should be aware of how there' s little i could tell them about being a woman in the corporate sector, or any other such realm. unless someone forgot to mention it to me.

no. yes, though, yes i have moved on from the main subject above. we have moved on, i suppose, for if you are reading this then you are on the journey with me. time is a train, etc.

the above is an image a good friend very kindly shared with me. i wasn't at all sure what to do with it so i put it here. indeed it is Berlin Zoologischer Garten, or to us not in Germany or of German speaking as such Zoo Station. for a number of reasons this has always been something of a cultural touchstone for artists i like. well, two - U2 and their splendid Achtung Baby shenanigans, and David Bowie with his involvement in the film adaptation of the life of Christiane F. i think - note "think" - that the soundtrack for that film is the only way you can get a physical copy of the version of Bowie's "heroes" that mixes with the German one, "helden". for some reason i suspect there's also a fairly rare single mix of Stay on it. so worth getting.

every now and then i wish for something. things like going for an extra degree or two so that i could, without any particular meaning, place the name "Dr" as my title. and things like having the bold, brazen, audacious extroverted brass neck to charge people money for stating the obvious.

these two together would seem handy in incidents such as this one.

yes, that's right. apparently a qualified professional has been consulted - and presumably paid - to explore and establish why exactly there might be more traffic on the roads of any city during school term times as opposed to the holiday period. whilst the answer to this might be worth proving beyond reasonable doubt for some reason, i suspect that i simply could not sleep at night if i had accepted any sort of payment for researching this one.

but, you know, if someone did ask me to do a survey or study or such report onto why traffic is busier around the time people go to and from work, or to and from school with their children, perhaps i could be persuaded to bank the cheque and come up with something for them.

anyway, make of this what you will, and most splendid a time has been had by me if this happens to be of any interest to someone.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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