Sunday, July 30, 2017

leader, knighthood, legend, etc.....


for something of a noticeable number of approximately 0.078% of the incumbent UK population, look you see, the rather well known John Terry was, perhaps is, aspects of the title of this post. indeed variations of this are applicable to a global population, such has been the rather lucrative marketing and branding of the Premier League around the world.

steady on, you say. yes, quite. much caution must be used when discussing John Terry, and so i shall. this post may well then be brief; rather that than litter it with text such as [text removed on legal advice] being what you read here more than anything else.

calls have been made from a fraction of the registering number of the 0.078% above for John Terry to be awarded a knighthood, or have the title "Sir" formally bestowed upon him. this would be in regard of his many, many achievements. the most recent of these, in looking for an excuse to have a picture in this post for many get really distressed by text only posts, is his (ahem) "winning" a trophy for his new employers, Aston Villa.

i am led to believe that this trophy was won in valiant fashion via beating some German team or another across the course of a 45 minute "special" match. well done to all involved, then.

there are some who disagree with the idea of John Terry being awarded a knighthood. they do such protestations in quite strong terms, citing all sorts of reasons not to which i am reluctant to repeat here, less i need to speak to a lawyer or do that whole [text removed on legal advice] thing.

something we could probably take as a given is that one day John Terry will release an autobiography of sorts, or an "official" biography. there can be little doubt that the cover shall feature he resplendent in a full Chelsea kit, and be called something like "Mr Chelsea" or "Chelsea Legend". should he be awarded a knighthood, and he was quick about it, i suppose he could release it under the name "Sir Chelsea", i suppose.

what you have to remember about John Terry, and again i am being as careful as possible with the wording, is that he is in an elite bracket of professionals to have been awarded / given the England captaincy twice. thus, he is in an even smaller elite bracket of people who have found themselves not England captain for very specific reasons.

overall, i say yes, give John Terry a knighthood. it would be with enthusiasm that i would watch with entertainment what happens next. and, those who say no, remember - unlike the England captaincy you really can only be stripped of a knighthood the once.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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