Wednesday, July 05, 2017

the prince popcorn trick

dearly beloved

as you are reading this we can, look you see, say that we are gathered here today to celebrate one of the possibly lesser known talents of the excellency who was, and forever shall be, Prince.

there are many, many things one can celebrate Prince for. a prolific and talented musician is first and foremost of these, of course. it would also be very fair to say that he was a legendary sexualist practitioner; second only perhaps to David Lee Roth and even doing better than Errol Brown out of Hot Chocolate.

in this post, however, what is being celebrated is a remarkable trick which i would care to credit to him. this relates to his love of watching movies.

before anyone gets all uppity and claims that they "did this for years" prior to the early 80s, or has this associated with someone else, that's perfectly fine. i, to be sure, only ever heard of this magnificent concept in association with Prince, and so for me it will forever be known as the Prince popcorn trick.

with a level of modesty and respect seldom seen in the modern world, the many lady friends of Prince have, for the most part, kept the details of their relationship with the purple highness in the strictest of privacy. one snippet which did sneak out, however, was the rather ingenious way Prince enjoyed his customary snacks when watching a film. an ingenious way which he insisted all who watch movies with him try; and a way that surely none would regret.

yes, indeed. as you have probably gathered from the images thus far, what Prince did - according to the one account i read - was mix popcorn with peanut M & Ms. he gave particular focus on making sure the mix was equal, so you always got a handful of both.

when i heard of this i said, to be sure, you know what, i said, i like Prince, i like popcorn and i very much like peanut M & Ms. let me try this all out for myself. and so i did, and it was one of the most absolutely amazing things that i had ever done.

for what cinematic reason did i complete this most recently? well, as recently as last friday the family and i gathered together for a movie night, with this gem being the one we decided, or if you like elected, to watch.

oh, as you are saying, yes. it was Spaceballs that we had on. which in retrospect might have been meant for an ever so slightly more mature audience than the boys, but there's nothing harmful in it and they really rather enjoyed some, if not most, of it.

for me, well, i still love it. trying to remain spoiler free, the Alien homage remains one of the funniest things what i have ever seen, and i had forgotten about the excellence of the Planet Of The Apes tribute towards the end.

do i have any idea at all if Prince was a fan of Spaceballs, Mel Brooks or comedies in particular? none at all, although i would argue it is very, very likely. the man, from what i can ascertain from his music and what biographical elements i am aware of, loved life and wanted it always to be a positive thing. so it's quite likely.

well then that's about that. just one of those nuggets of information kicking around in my head, really. no idea how it got there and it seemed sensible to share it here, on the off chance anyone found it of interest or use.

that said, i really, really would recommend you try the Prince popcorn trick for yourself. it is one of the most amazing things what i have ever done, and it truly does make watching a movie all the more enjoyable.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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